Christopher Fill

Christopher Fill is a business startup enthusiast and bold digital marketing connoisseur. Founding multiple startups over the past 18 years. With one bringing the most of his current success in which Christopher founded and pioneered an affiliate type approach in the home services business sector like that of for ECOMM. Having
developed a collaborative contractual agreement between strategic digital marketing companies and trade labor service companies in the business of auto glass and window film installation. Growing the company in its past two years by over 120% with this marketing process, resulting in a negotiated approached acquisition from a party in September 2020. Christopher’s visionary outlook is that of the acronym BILT
(Business, Innovation, Leadership, Teams) .To create teams of collaborative affiliates that bring innovative solutions to products and services in the
ways of unique marketing processes via independent partnerships and non-traditional employment. In other words, a globlocalization of community and business. The “Uber affect”

Industry experience: Entrepreneurship, Digital marketing, Business management

Digital Marketing / Passion Skills:
SMM FB, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger
PPC platforms Google Analytics, FB ads manager
PR Content creation, Link & Citation building
Video Marketing
Mobile marketing, SMS, Geo PUSH, NFC, BT Beacon marketing

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