Heidi Kirkland

Heidi Kirkland lends her expertise in results-driven marketing programs, business development, and strategic planning.

With over 30 years of experience developing, implementing, and teaching innovative business approaches in line with current markets and technology to achieve desired growth, Heidi’s talent is helping translate marketing vision into action.  Heidi has directed corporate marketing programs for education, technology, healthcare, and non-profit organizations, as well as operated her own entrepreneurial ventures.

As an advisor, Heidi has helped launch, grow, and sustain hundreds of small businesses by applying proven marketing principles to each unique situation, helping create profitable customer acquisition and retention programs cost-effectively.

An Arizona native, Heidi holds a BS in Marketing and Communications from Pepperdine University. She taught marketing, sales, and business communications through the University of Arizona’s Entrepreneurship Program, Pima Community College, and other programs.

Industry experience:  Entrepreneurship, Technology, Healthcare, Non-profits

Counseling Areas of Expertise:

  • Market Intelligence:
      • Competitive Analysis and Market Positioning
      • Product/Service Development – Market Assessment
      • Pricing Strategies – Market Alignment
  • Target Market Segmentation and Messaging
  • Image and Branding
  • Marketing Implementation – Promotion / Sales
      • Digital Marketing / Social Media Strategies and Content Development
      • Media Buying and Placement
      • Direct Marketing and Lead Development
      • Graphic Design and Production Considerations (Web, Print, Video)
      • Public Relations and Event Marketing – Storytelling
      • Presentations and Pitches
  • Customer Retention and Maximizing Lifetime Customer Value
  • Marketing & Business Plans / Project Management: Goal Setting, Planning, Budget, Metrics

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