International Trade

More than 90% of all consumers live outside the borders of the US. Are you looking for ways to reach that other 90%? It is crucial for small business owners to be aware of the latest international trade regulations and knowledgeable about the great opportunities exporting offers their businesses. The experienced business experts at the Maricopa Small Business Development Center can assist you.

Our job is to help you explore and enter global markets for exporting goods and services. The Maricopa Small Business Development Center Network has resources to help you connect to and conduct business around the world.
We have been providing international trade education programs and one-to-one business advising on international trade for more than 30 years.

Our experienced, professionally certified staff can provide comprehensive services and resources to assist businesses in all aspects of international trade:

  • We provide one-to-one advising to businesses that are entering or expanding in the global marketplace.
  • We offer short-term, targeted training, workshops, and classes on a variety of international trade topics.
  • We offer access for Maricopa County businesses to local, state, national and international public and private-sector resources for global trade.

We can help you and your entity with:

  • Export Certification/Licenses
  • Export Working Capital Loans
  • Export Data Analysis (Competitors, major players)
  • Target Market Identification and Selection
  • Understanding Target Country Policies
  • Credit Solutions for Clients to make you more competitive
  • Export Logistics
  • Export Payment Risk Control
  • Export Documents Preparation
  • Finding Local Resources to help you build your export business
  • Managing Your Domestic Efforts to keep your entire company strong