3 Important Factors for a Positive Customer Service Experience

3 Important Factors for a Positive Customer Service Experience


Have you ever experienced customer service that was so great it made you want to shout it from the rooftops? Did you tell everyone you know? Send them the links and encourage them to buy from your new favorite brand?

When creating a customer experience for your wellness brand, consider how to make your customers feel that same overpowering excitement. That *falling in love* feeling can really make a difference in the health of your customer base.

Think of it like a simple equation: brand love + loyalty = repeat customer advocates.

And what do hordes of happy repeat customers equal? An ROI worth bragging about.

From the first point of contact to the ‘check-out’ phase, you’ve got to be prepared for any situation to occur and make the experience easy and as painless as possible.

Here we’ve listed three important factors to consider when creating a truly “wow!” customer service experience.

3 Factors to Make Your Customers Say “Wow!”

  1. Know who your customers are

Knowing exactly who your target market (or *cough* Brand SoulmateTM) is will help you create a customer service experience that fits their particular needs. Build a buyer persona and figure out what makes them tick, how they communicate, how they like to be reached (chat? email? phone? video?). This is really the best way to successfully work with customers through any product or service issues.

Make your customers feel “heard” and they’ll start to trust you and build up a relationship with your brand.

  1. Listen and be empathetic

Whether your customer is happy with your brand or voicing a concern, it’s important to listen to what they have to say and be empathetic to their situation.

You get bonus points if you use that information to fix problems and make positive changes to your current process.

Treat customers like human beings with valid emotions and the result will be twofold:

  1. The customer will (probably) remember that you listened and provided a solution.
  2. You’ll be aware of any hiccups in your process you should correct for the future.

You won’t always be able to create a mistake-free, perfect experience for everyone – but if you take the time to fix problems in a timely, compassionate manner, you’ll go a long way towards building a lifelong customer base.

  1. Create a system for communication

Create a clear and structured system for communicating with your customers so that it’s easy for them to reach you and easy to receive their feedback and respond. The biggest way to kill a brand following is by not giving them a voice.

Go back to your buyer persona and determine their favorite style of communication. Use that insight to create your brand’s mode of contact, such as a form, chat, email, phone line, or video call.

Combine each of these factors to create a base for truly brilliant customer service. If done right, your customers will be bragging about you for years to come.

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