3 Simple Steps for Creating Your Small Business in Arizona

3 Simple Steps for Creating Your Small Business in Arizona

So you want to start a business? Congrats! You have a long road ahead of you. Starting a business is not simple. We are here to help.

Business 101 classes are held once a month at our Phoenix GateWay Office.

The Arizona Commerce Authority website is a great resource when starting a business. Using their checklist we created a shortcut list of the steps and links that business owners need to officially launch a business.

Before we start, make sure to print their great simple checklist for starting a business.

Simple Checklist:



Step One: Create an EIN Number

Link to form: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fss4.pdf?portlet=3


Step Two: Create an Entity

According to the ACA, ” The first decision as a business owner you have to pick the business structure (entity) that best meets your needs. You must decide whether it will be a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), corporation or non-profit.”.

Most small business file a simple LLC.  Here is the Link to all the forms you might need:


To create a LLC you need to file your Articles of Incorporation. Here is a link to that exact form, Please note that depending on your structure you may need to fill out additional forms which are referenced inside the document



Step Three File a Trade Name

Link to form: http://www.azsos.gov/business_services/Forms/TNT/TN_apptn.pdf

The registration of a trade name (sometimes referred to as a “business name,” “fictitious name” or a “DBA”) is not legally required in Arizona but is an accepted business practice. Note: If you are filing as a corporation or LLC with the Arizona Corporation Commission, it is not necessary to register your corporate name as a trade name with the Secretary of State’s office as names are cross-referenced with the Corporation Commission. (13)

Arizona Secretary of State
Mailing Address: 1700 W. Washington Street, 7th Floor, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Customer Service Centers:
1700 W. Washington Street, #103, Phoenix, AZ, 85007
400 W. Congress, North Building, Room 252, Tucson, AZ, 85701
Phoenix 602.542.6187 or Tucson 520.628.6583 or Arizona toll free 800.458.5842

That is the very basic steps that you will need. Keep in mind that a lot of these tools and how you use them can vary depending on your business and your individual situation. Take the time to read the forms completely and consult your professional network works including your SBDC Counselor for additional help.

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  1. Hello wanted to know what paper work and what costs to register a new company. If i can get information before i go will appreciate it.

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