Jag Construction, LLC

Jag Construction, LLC

Noel Guevara came to the SBDC in 2016 with the idea of opening his own business. His employer at the time had tremendous success and was not interested in growth and expansion. Noel however, was eager and strived to create more opportunities for his employer. He determined that in order to grow professionally he would have to go out on his own. During his time with his employer, he met several industry partners that would vocalize their appreciation for his work and commitment to professionalism. They often said that if he ever went out on his own to let them know and they would help him out. In 2016, Noel decided that it was time to act. He met with Maricopa SBDC Business Analyst, Mike Pineda and completed a business plan, filed for the LLC and began the capital formation process. Noel was awarded a small business loan and began to pursue contracts. Noel recorded revenues of over $300K in his first year of business. He also started with  five employees. In 2018, he will see over $2 million in revenues and currently employs 23 full time employees. Noel is the epitome of a success story in that he not only followed his dreams but prepared himself for the growth that he has experienced. Noel was able to overcome the first year obstacles that most business owners face. Noel saw a profit year one which was very impressive.

“The SBDC was instrumental in providing guidance and vital resources that assisted me in launching my business. My success is due in part to the expertise provided by this organization. I am extremely grateful for the SBDC and the time and resources they provided.”

“Noel has continued to impress me with the knowledge and fortitude he demonstrates. Noel exemplifies what it means to be prepared and ready for the challenge. His experience and drive make him a business owner to watch moving forward.” — Mike Pineda, Maricopa SBDC Business Analyst

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