The end of the year sneaks up on business owner.  And this is a, great time to take an hour and review your marketing efforts for the last year.  Ask yourself one key questions; and set (or reset) measurable goals for the upcoming year.

  • Is my website is up to date? Are all pages, submission forms and links working properly?
  • Are my brochures and business cards up to date with all contact information?
  • Have I recently logged in to all social media accounts to ensure all information is correct and there are no outstanding messages?
  • Have I recently Googled my name and the name of my business? Ensure your website and correct contact information comes up first.
  • How is my businesses signage? Is it visible and up to code?

Strategy Checklist:

  • Review your mission and vision statement with your team. Your team needs to believe your message from the inside out. Does it need updating?
  • Review your goals. Did you hit your sales goals? Why? Why not?
  • What marketing tools generated your best clients? What do quantifiable metrics show? If you don’t have metrics, establish them for 2018.
  • Review your messaging. Does your content and branding get people to take the action you want them to take?

Celebrate WINS! If you increased sales or hired employees, contact your SBDC Counselor.  

 Then set your 2018 goals.

  • What is your overall sales goal for 2018?
  • What steps do I need to make to make that sales goal a reality?
  • What tools or resources do you need?
  • What data will you track to make sure you are hitting your goal?
  • What are the daily, weekly and monthly activity goals you need to hit those goals?

Work with your team and business counselor to determine your answers. Then we encourage you to post them some place visual.  Most importantly, track your results and adjust your marketing and sales strategy accordingly.


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