GateWay CC Makerspace Survey

GateWay CC Makerspace Survey

The space will serve as a learning lab for students and will be available to the entrepreneurial, hobbyist, inventor, and research community.

What is it?

GateWay is building an Arts & Sciences Makerspace for technology-based creations. It includes Media Graphics, Design, Fashion and the Arts for small business entrepreneurs who want to make something and sell it.
For those who are on the cutting-edge of Research and Development, the space offers the only Mechanical Device Makerspace in the country. A place where a doctor or medical student can develop the latest medical device, a place where the software engineer can validate output, a place where new technologies can be prototyped.
MCCCD has something for everyone. From the stay-at-home mom to nurses, teachers, architects, and engineers, the Maricopa Community Colleges provide access to opportunity for the students we currently serve as well as those who will we serve in the future.
Allowing students to work side-by-side with professionals, the Makerspace is redefining on-the-job-training through the shared ability to conceive, design, build, and test new product ideas. By providing opportunities to collaborate and exposing students to new skills and technologies, users gain authentic and immediate skills that are needed in the workplace. The makerspace goes beyond an introduction to basic tools and creating goods. It provides a baseline of training for individuals that they can further through a program of study and/or move into a new career path based on the skills that are obtained.
The focal points of the Makerspace are:
1) Venture Start-Up: Design and media applications that provide students and entrepreneurs access to production tools beyond what is found on a college campus. These tools include digital environments of simulation, graphics, and modeling software; and a manufacturing space with 3D printing, metal cutting, welding, woodworking, plastics and other technologies that are heavily relied upon in industry.
2) Mechanical Devices: Guiding biomedical research and advances through open-access to mechanical tools such as bone drills/saws, catheters, burrs, syringes, speculums, tubes, and other life-saving instruments that advance diagnosis and treatment of disease. Complemented by hardware, software and other scientific and laboratory components, students and entrepreneurs in the fields of Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, Energy, and other technologies, can take advantage of the only Mechanical Device Makerspace in the country.
Where is it?
Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix at 535 W. Van Buren St.

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